Raw Science Film Festival 2016

Your film THE SPEED OF LIGHT is a finalist in the Raw Science Film Festival for Professional Documentary > 10 Minutes 

Man in Gold in de Rotterdamse Schouwburg

In december dagelijks (behalve zondag) om 16:00u in de Foyer van de Rotterdamse Schouwburg
(duur 20 min)


Donderdag 5 november 2015 wordt 'The Speed of Light' vertoont tijdens het Inscience Festival in Nijmegen.


Film + talk | donderdag 5 november | 21:00 uur | LUX 2 | 85 min | language English | Tickets
Physics is facing a puzzle. The unification of the two fundamental theories, quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity, into a single theory of quantum gravity has so far proved elusive. Will there ever be a ‘theory of everything’? About this question we will talk with Renate Loll, professor in theoretical physics at the Radboud University.

The Speed of Light bij Off Screen in WORM - 28 mei 2015

Off Screen

The Speed of Light | HD video | 25 min | 2015

In an experiment at LNGS-Laboratory in Gran Sasso in Italy, that cooperates with particle accelerator CERN in Switzerland, proofs have been found that subatomic particles move faster than light speed.

In this CNGS (Cern Neutrinos to Gran Sasso) experiment Neutrinos - tiny particles with no charge and almost no mass - were fired from CERN to a huge underground detector in Gran Sasso. These particles are able to travel the 720 km distance through the earth without being stopped or slowed down.

In his Special Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein stated that the speed of light is the ultimate speed, nothing can go faster. If these neutrinos go faster than light it would have dramatic consequences. An amazing world of strange new physics will open up in front of us. The order of cause and effect could reverse. A particle might arrive before it has departed.

Visual artist and filmmaker Mels van Zutphen followed the track of the neutrino by car. From Geneva to Gran Sasso in 12 days. A beam of light takes 0,0024 seconds.

Art in Redlight - 10th Independent Art Fair

27 - 30 December 2014
Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, Amsterdam
Open: 11:00 - 19:00 hrs
Opening reception: 27 December 17:00 hrs
Tickets € 10,-

Curtocircuito - International Short Film Festival - Santiago de Compostela - Spain

On a Saturday Afternoon in the Explora competition

Section that focuses on new film calligraphy searches. Pieces of work that are difficult to classify within a genre, which erode the traditional idea about cinema by exploring fresh paths and that touch video-art, documentary or avant-garde cinema.

9-12 december 2013